ConnectPro Pilot Program

ConnectPro is excited to announce that we are now accepting small to mid-sized companies to join our pilot program! 

The ideal company
has an employee base of 100-500

Companies fall within one of the following categories:

You are gearing up for a change management event

Your company previously experienced a change management event that went terribly wrong, and you are now looking for a solution to improve engagement in your workforce

Your company recently started the change management process and would like to better engage with your employees

What is ConnectPro and why should I be a part of their program?

ConnectPro is an SAAS human capital solution for change management events and was developed based on the need to scale our consulting company, Veaux Professional Services, and help more companies build a positive employee experience. “ConnectPro provides a voice for employees that are not included in the strategy meeting. Simply put, people want to be heard and feel valued and that’s what ConnectPro provides,” says Hope Malveaux.

“We want employees to be a part of the planning committee and not just be invited to the party,” says Miracle Semien when thinking about employee engagement and helping them feel ownership in the company’s success.

We are looking for companies to be a part of the journey and by partnering with ConnectPro, we will help you retain your biggest asset… THE PEOPLE!