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ConnectPro is an easy-to-use platform that delivers a human capital solution for employee engagement.

Employee disengagement costs as much as $350 billion every year in the US.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

A company loses at least $2,246 per disengaged employee per year.- Gallup

A disengaged employee cost is associated with

feeling blue

Low Company Performance

Disengaged employees take more sick days and are tardy more often.


Disengaged Customers

Customer complaints often rise with employee disengagement.



High-potential employees desire to leave.

Why ConnectPro?

ConnectPro helps companies keep a pulse on their human capital and create a positive employee experience. We navigate the “people issues” by creating immediate employee engagement and culture alignment while building employee morale.


Streamline communication and level the playing field between management and your human capital.

Performance Analytics

Mood Reports

Training Modules

Built in Templates


Engagement Strategy

Create a positive coworker relationship and boost the moral of your employees through gamification and recognition. 

What people say about us

The ConnectPro Way

“I really appreciated the ConnectPro's success reps and their approach to engagement.”
Major L. Rhodes
Plant Manager at South Bend Ethanol
“Communication is key and ConnentPro provides the tools to be successful not just templates”.
James Moore
Director at Diversified Gas & Oil
“I wish I had ConnectPro day one, but they were still able to provide value to my organization”.
Bob Nicks
CEO at Nicks LLC
Connecting Teams

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