We are all MOVED in!

We are so excited to be using The Cannon for our co-working space and here are a few reasons why this move was important for us!

1.       The energy at The Cannon is very entrepreneurial and we vibe off others’ energy.

2.       The door of opportunity has been opened via the great contacts and connections we have made. Through this networking, we have gained access that we would not have otherwise had because we are plugged-in to their ecosystem.


3.       We are getting out of our home office! This incentivizes us to create agendas and schedules which ultimately makes us more productive and efficient.  

Since being in The Cannon space we have been able to place a check mark next to one of our major to-do items, which was to begin our funding efforts. If you have ever been a part of a start-up, you know the challenges that come with obtaining capital. ConnectPro is currently in Phase I of our business growth strategy which includes a clickable prototype and getting our product ready for beta testing. We are pleased to report that the clickable prototype is complete and now we are transitioning our efforts to conduct the beta testing phase.  We launched our crowdfunding campaign with a funding goal of $35,000 on June 15, 2020 and it has been going great. Special thanks to ALL that have supported the campaign to so far. We are eternally grateful!   For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term crowdfunding, it is when friends, family, and colleagues are asked to actively participate in donating funds for your business. You may be thinking, “Why would anyone do that,” but the truth is, it is simply about supporting those you know and being a part of the dream. At ConnectPro, we are building a product that will one day revolutionize the way companies engage and communicate with their employees. Just think, if you could have been a part of the success of Apple or Microsoft when they were in the conceptualization phase, you would have bragging rights, be a part of history, and most likely be RICH! 😊 There is so much more to the ConnectPro story and we invite you to be part of our history!


Learn more  https://ifundwomen.com/projects/connectpro-software