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Why ConnectPro

ConnectPro conducted a survey on the internal communication platforms companies use. Many of the respondents were frustrated with the sheer number of communications systems as well as exacerbated by feelings of still being left out of the loop at times. As the creators of ConnectPro, we too have experienced this silo experience created by the use of multiple products that do not communicate with each other. 

Here at ConnectPro, we firmly believe that employees should be involved in planning the party and not just a guest at the main event! Companies often utilize products that leave employees feeling like they do not matter; this ought not be! ConnectPro cares about the employee at every level in the hierarchy and creates a truly inclusive experience for individuals within a greater system.

Once you transition to ConnectPro, you will get:

  • A product designed to promote engagement and inclusiveness with all employees from administrators, to management, and field employees.
  • An ALL-IN-ONE Enterprise Software that allows employers and employees to work in a communication system that doesn’t rely on integrations.

Although there are some good products on the market, they lack the all-encompassing capabilities of ConnectPro. Once you make the switch to ConnectPro for your internal communication needs, you will find all of those other platforms to be obsolete!